Happy launch day!!! Watch this space for the formal announcement, including links to all the places you can buy Chamber of Music!

We have two more stories to tease for you today! First up is Emerald Delmara’s “Scheherazade”. When a blind empath uses her powers to get the information she needs for her revenge, she gets more than she bargained for..

Emerald Delmara is a writer, college student, and avid collector of books who loves to work with herbal remedies. Growing up on a farm in the Ouachita Mountains, she spent her days reading every book she could get her hands on, dreaming of fictional characters, and roaming the countryside with her beloved pets. Most of her writing inspiration comes from mythology. She believes magic is essential to her stories, which she hopes to have in bookstores one day. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her family and her dog. You can read more of her works on Wattpad at


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