Pipe Dream

Happy weekend! We’re now less than a week away from Chamber of Music’s release day and our awesome release-weekend launch party! Don’t forget to join for your chance to win all kinds of swag!

In the meantime, we know you’ll love Yzabel Ginsberg’s “Pipe Dream”…

Once upon a time, Yzabel Ginsberg made a deal with the God of Dreams, whom she might have swindled out of a few extra seeds of wild imagination. From her current home in Scotland, this strange French woman always clad in black weaves many webs of stories, whether on paper or through the delicate art of online storytelling. Rumour has it that she will only stop when Death comes to claim her, but even that is less than certain. In the meantime, you can follow her at http://www.facebook.com/YzabelGinsberg, or as @YzabelGinsberg on Twitter.


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