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Library of Dreams is live! You can now order print copies through Amazon or Createspace, and the ebook through Amazon and Smashwords. For a complete list of links, see the end of this post.

The lovely JC McDowell poses with her copy of Library of Dreams.

The lovely JC McDowell poses with her copy of Library of Dreams.

Choosing “dreams” as the theme for our first charity anthology meant a lot to us. PSG’s writers are a pretty diverse bunch – we write everything from romance to science fiction, non-fiction to surrealism. Our stories feature werewolves and dragons, cowboys and coworkers, old people, young people, alien people and dead people. Yet we wanted to come together and offer something that transcended our differences. A theme like “dreams” let us each write what we were familiar with, while keeping with the same spirit as the stories our other members would write. As the submissions rolled in, I could see the links between stories that are sometimes separated by miles of bookshelves. Everybody has dreams. They are the one magic we all experience, no matter who and where we ares.

Writers all share the dream of being read. Some of us are read more than others, but even the most celebrated best-selling author still puts pen to paper because they know somewhere out there is a reader who will be changed by their stories. It isn’t about the money or the fame (although we are installing our gold-plated swimming pool right now – we’ll be filling it with silver dollars as soon as the sales figures start pouring in), but about reaching out and touching a stranger, someone who really gets what you are writing, and to whom it really matters. To achieve that dream, the writer has to work long, thankless, unrewarded hours and then put themselves out there in the public eye for judgement. But it is worth it when your words hit home. Even one reader, if it is the right reader, can fulfill a writer’s dreams.

I am very proud of the anthology we offer to you now. In it you will find some things you find familiar and some things which will be new to you. I hope you will find at least one story that speaks to your dreams. Your purchase will also go towards supporting the reading and writing dreams of people all over the world through the work of LitWorld, the charitable recipient of our sales.

Stories and dreams are flip sides of the same coin – we present to you one in the hopes of feeding the other.

You can buy Library of Dreams through Amazon worldwide, Createspace and Smashwords. ( ( ( paperback) ( paperback) (Smashwords) (Createspace paperback)

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Charlotte Ashley is the editor of Library of Dreams. When she’s not editing, she is writing short stories and running an independent bookstore in Toronto, Canada. She blogs at


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