The Phantom Orchestra

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! Chamber of Music is now available and we have but one story left to tease for you. The poignant finale: Adam Sigrist’s “The Phantom Orchestra”. Adam Sigrist has been writing all his life. After an exceptional moment in the Wattpad spotlight, his debut novel First Light, the beginning of The Zombie Prophecies series, was published by Fable Press in June of 2013. He is currently working on the sequel, as well as many other projects which are available to read on Wattpad. You can find links to his work on his website at Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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It’s Here!

I am thrilled and proud to be able to present to you, after months of hard work, Chamber of Music: A PSG International Anthology of Short Stories, ed. Charlotte Ashley! Chamber of Music contains the work of thirteen authors from seven countries writing in a variety of genres and styles. Featuring new stories from Charlotte Ashley, J.D. Carelli, Emerald Delmara, Dorchi Dreen, Kim Fry, Yzabel Ginsberg, Tim McFarlane, Ken Magee, Miloš Petrik, J.B. Roger, C. M. Rosens, Natasha Rowlin, and Adam Sigrist. Proceeds from sales of the Chamber of Music will be donated to Musicians Without Borders, a global network organization using the power of music for healing and reconciliation in areas torn by war and conflict. For more information, visit Chamber of Music is available in paperback and eBook form. To order, please visit: Amazon Smashwords Createspace   Bought the book? Head on over to our Facebook group and share! We’d love to see your book selfies, hear your thoughts, and share your stories! Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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Happy launch day!!! Watch this space for the formal announcement, including links to all the places you can buy Chamber of Music! We have two more stories to tease for you today! First up is Emerald Delmara’s “Scheherazade”. When a blind empath uses her powers to get the information she needs for her revenge, she gets more than she bargained for.. Emerald Delmara is a writer, college student, and avid collector of books who loves to work with herbal remedies. Growing up on a farm in the Ouachita Mountains, she spent her days reading every book she could get her hands on, dreaming of fictional characters, and roaming the countryside with her beloved pets. Most of her writing inspiration comes from mythology. She believes magic is essential to her stories, which she hopes to have in bookstores one day. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her family and her dog. You can read more of her works on Wattpad at Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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Morgan’s Songs

Good evening! We’re nearing the end of our countdown, but we’re not out of great stories yet! Next up is Dorchi Dreen’s tale of dungeons, strange voices, and witches – “Morgan’s Songs”. Dorchi can’t remember a day when she didn’t pick up a pen and write at least something; a few words, a paragraph. Very soon words and paragraphs turned into pages and pages of short stories, novels and quite a lot of poems, most of which are still kept safe on her laptop. Recently she stopped deluding herself that writing is just a hobby to her. It isn’t. Writing is her life, and she intends to live it and give it all she’s got and more. Read more at Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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All Our Futures

Two more days! This morning we’re thrilled to share a teaser from Miloš Petrik’s haunting story, “All Our Futures”. The path to the future begins with a smokey stage, an unexpected meeting, and desire that isn’t as simple as it feels… Miloš Petrik is a lawyer from Belgrade with a glamourous job in Serbian public media. He thinks writing about himself in the third person makes him sound rather more important than he really is. Time and life permitting, he writes. He has so far published short stories, short comics, and had a short radio play aired. He has also been accused (remarkably frequently) of having a short temper. You can follow him at Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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Song to the Moon

We’re picking up pace as we count down to launch day! The night crowd will be the first to glimpse this treat from J.B. Roger! A singer’s most important performance – and a tribute to those things that are lost, but not forgotten. Presenting “Song to the Moon”… J.B. Roger is not by nature a show-off but has often been seen on the stages of many concert halls and theatres in the guise of singer (both choral and solo), actor, and musician since she was a small child. Fiction writing is another of her – recently resurrected – creative outlets. Now a somewhat larger child, having never really grown up, she can be found in the depths of Wales with her husband and dogs, knee-deep in gemstones, jeweller’s wire, paints and paper, with pliers and wire-cutters in one hand, pen and ink in the other. Share this:ShareEmailTweetPrintShare on...

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